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SIMBOOST for employee training

The business world trains employees for practical parts of their jobs and helps them acquire and improve soft skills.

Members of business organizations usually have a higher education in financial areas: accounting, economics and business administration. There is a large gap between the theoretical knowledge they acquired in their studies and the personal ability to apply this knowledge on the ground. Sales processes, negotiation, and presenting a position require many skills that can only be acquired through practice. The organizational simulation centers are integrated into the training division and allow a sterile environment for mistakes and learning through experience, observation, active viewing, and participation in a group debriefing.

SIMBOOST - provides a complete response to all technological challenges in operating an organizational simulation center.
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Bank Leumi

client leomi center
A simulation center has been operating successfully by Bank Leumi in its training center for several years, where Bank employees experience various scenarios from the world of banking. The center manages a computerized system that automatically films and records the experiences.
The trainings involve professional actors who help employees experience real-life situations. At the end of the experience, an assembly is held where the employees watch select video clips and receive detailed feedback from the facilitator and other employees. The activities are carried out using SIMBOOST software that Barale has installed and operates for the bank on an continual basis.
Bank Leumi was chosen by EMG (Elearning Media Group) as one of the 100 leading organizations in the world the field of innovative learning for setting up a training simulator – an innovative technology-based space for sales training via interpersonal communications and to improve customer experience.
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Bank Poalim

client Poalim center
A simulation center is in the process of being set up in collaboration with Breeze Creative.
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Ono Academic College

client Ono center
The Ono Academic College operates programs designed to prepare students for integration into the workforce, while providing practical tools for the career they chose. The center offers experiences in various disciplines related to simulating reality, receives professional feedback, and optimizes the learning experience.
In 2016, Ono Academic College won the "IT Awards 2016" award from "People and Computers" for establishing the computerized simulation center on the college campus.