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SIMBOOST The Product


In many cases, the debriefing is the most essential component of the simulation learning process. The module can display specific video clips (from the simulation training) that are chosen based on an analysis of all the data and goals of the training. The review is ready to be presented immediately at the end of the training, without the need for editing.


The central operating system allows flexibility for simultaneous activation of multiple simulation zones. The module presents the instructor with all necessary information and supports the automated processes, including connecting to the automated PA system and control of the building's facilities.


For efficient operation of a simulation center through systematic utilizing of its resources, producing high-level training, and preserving professional knowledge, it is necessary to plan accurately and have an excellent computing database. The management module enables organizing all the physical resources of the center, such as the rooms, cameras, microphones, simulators and disposable equipment, as well as the management of activities and people at the center: schedules, details of participants, observers and instructors, the scenarios, and so forth. By producing different reports, you can maximize the resources utilized in the center.


The system users portal also enables activity outside the simulation center either via the Internet or through the corporate network. The portal enables scenario planning, registration of activities, assigning staff, viewing the debriefings, grading, personal reviews of the trainee, and the possibility of streaming video broadcasts.

Export movies

The module supports exporting videos in a standard format for viewing outside of the system. The movie is automatically edited and can include full activities or partial footage only, the main camera or several cameras concurrently, additional data from the training, and written notes to the trainee.


Each scenario can attach appropriate feedback to trainees. The system supports a wide variety of tools to enable feedback - online/offline, using a PC, tablet, personal phone or through the participants’ portal.


The system enables the automatic creation of training instructions, reflecting the training objectives, planned scenarios, and the characteristics of the trainees, and includes conclusions from previous training, background material for the upcoming scenarios, and short video clips from debriefings of the same trainees.


Screens can be placed in the center of the property to direct the trainees and staff to activities. The screens display information about the training, and their physical locations are appropriate to the various facilities in the center.

Report Generator

In addition to the many reports available in the system, the center’s staff can produce new reports according to changing needs. All activity data is stored in a central database and can be retrieved using the report generator.

Locating and tracking cameras

In the multi-arena training area, the deployment of cameras and antennas in various rooms and identification bracelets for the trainees help provide a continuous display of the training, which includes the movement of the trainees between the rooms. The module allows complete control of the automated operation of activities with constant monitoring of all participants.

Media Support for Scenarios

The module enables automatic loading and downloading of media files used as complementary and enriching accessories for the scenarios, such as scenery images and data files relevant to the subject of the activity.

Fast Activation with Remote Control

For activities in which the instructor needs to be present with the trainees but can’t sit near the operating station or hold a tablet, the module allows basic operating of the system using a wireless remote control: recording start and stop, marking points for review during the activities, and activating the debriefing module.

Command & Control of the Structure and PA System

For efficient and cost-effective operation, the module enables control, in accordance with early planning, of the building facilities, such as lighting, electric shutters, doors, smoke machine, air conditioner, and public address and sound effects during practice.