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SIMBOOST ’s professional services for simulation centers

  • Design and construction of simulation centers

    Consulting for planning a simulation center with emphasis on traffic flow in the center, lighting, acoustics, infrastructure - network, electricity, camera locations, microphones and data terminating equipment (DTE).

  • Supply and installation of hardware

    The company has extensive experience with various types of A/V components, their integration in the software, and their optimal installation in the simulation center.

  • Technological integration

    Guiding the center's staff on behalf of the customer until the facilities are independently operated, including installations, courses for the various operators, technician course, and documentation of system modules.

  • Methodological integration

    Guiding facilitators/supervisors on behalf of the customer for optimal operation in the methodological aspects: Experience in simulation and debriefing, developing a simulation-based training program with the help of video, writing scenarios, observation and processing of the findings, editing a video-based debriefing, and evaluation with the help simulation.

  • Guiding the operating teams

    The company provides a team of implementers/operators to regularly lead the center's activities for immediate problem solving, training for optimizing the use of the system, and more.

  • Simulated Patients

    Placement of professional actors who graduated from acting schools and underwent additional training for working in simulation centers. The actors also receive training specific to the client's scenarios for each day’s activities, in coordination with the center’s supervisor.