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SimBoost Essentials

Video Recording and Debriefing (AV system)

A Sim Center management solution for new Sim-centers or centers who look for a cost-effective AV solution that just works. The solution is tailored to medical simulation and supports scenario management and other helpful key features. This on-premise installation is easily scalable to any size


  • Support for an overwhelming variety of IP and USB cameras
  • Support for wired & wireless cameras and microphones
  • Solutions for recording screens and medical equipment monitors
  • Synchronization between all the cameras, encoders and microphones
  • Support for noise filtering system
  • Control of PTZ cameras including per scenario PTZ presets

simboost  recording


  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Operate simultaneous simulations from one station
  • Live Intercom to the rooms or directly to the ear of an actor (SP) or instructor
  • Online viewing in multiple cameras and rooms
  • Create a schedule for the simulations/exercises
  • Define your set of scenarios.
  • Observer view - for viewing without on-screen controls
  • Support for multi-screen display
  • Gather feedback by viewers
  • Manage viewing permissions
simboost operational screen


  • Easily focus on the most interesting points that occurred during the scenario
  • View a dynamic split screen
  • Control the timeline using a single master control for all the feeds.
  • Control the audio channels that are played-back while watching
  • According to actual occurrence, always observe the main camera automatically
  • Easily export debrief videos in standard mpeg4 format. Benefit from smart auto-editing capabilities.
simboost debriefing

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