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SIMBOOST for the Training of Teaching and Educational Staff

The process of training teachers and educational staff includes developing many skills that require practical experience. The simulation centers in the education field enable teachers to have experiences in both sterile environments and stressful scenarios. The SIMBOOST system allows workshop facilitators to create a complete learning process, including video-based feedback and debriefing, without technical training and without the need for technical personnel to guide the activity.

In some of the workshops, the group facilitator supervises the entire recording system, marks the points for the debriefing and targeted repeat watching, and this with use of only a remote control.

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Achva Academic College

client Achva center
In its simulation center, teaching and education students experience daily situations that occur between a teacher and student, teacher and parent, kindergarten teacher and aide, principal and teacher, and so forth. The Ministry of Education also uses the center for teacher training.
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Shaanan – Academic Teachers’ College

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The simulation center of Sha'anan College in the north is used to train students for teaching, as well as for teacher training by the Ministry of Education.
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Kibbutzim College

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The Simulation and Empathy Center, which operates within the college’s Education Department, combines several pedagogic approaches in using video for the process of training its teaching staff.
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Pisga Tel Aviv
(Teaching Staff Development Centers)

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Beit Berl College

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Ono Academic College

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