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Compare SimBoost products

  • Essentials

    A Sim Center management solution for new Sim-centers or centers who look for a cost-effective AV solution that just works. The solution is tailored to medical simulation and supports scenario management and other helpful key features.
  • Unlimited

    The most advanced A-to-z Sim Center management solution, enabling everything from a strong AV-based debrief, through different modules like inventory management, auto-scheduling and everything in between.
  • Suitcase

    A mobile deployment solution that can work as a standalone system without the need for external servers. It can also be used in conjunction with a SimBoost Sim-center as a deployable in-situ recording solution, with a full sync back to SimBoost servers.


License Type Perpetual Perpetual Perpetual
Installation Type On Premise On Premise On Premise
Scalable ok icon ok icon Standalone / Synced
Upgrade Options ok icon N/A ok icon

Key Features

Audio-Video Recording
Synchronized HQ AV recording is at the heart of SimBoost. Capture Cameras/screens/microphones in the system.
Capture in each room: up to 4 cameras and 2 monitors Unlimited sources in each room 4 in total
Split Screens
An operator has a flexible display of multiple video captures, in changing arrays, and from more than one room.
up to 8 up to 15 up to 4
Multiple Screens
Multi-screen support, including for different audiences. A station can display a clean screen for observers and another for the operator with his controls
ok icon ok icon ok icon
Tags & Annotations
In real time, add tags or free-text annotations, to make the debriefing even more effective
ok icon ok icon ok icon
Recording Search
Find the recording that you need
ok icon ok icon ok icon
Export Edited Videos
Easily export debrief videos in standard mpeg4 format. Benefit from smart auto-editing capabilities.
ok icon ok icon
Including advanced batch exporting
ok icon

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