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Our innovative solutions are based on years of experience in management systems for large simulation centers. The software manages the center A to Z, including Video recording, scheduling debriefing and many more. In addition to the SIMBOOST solution, we provide Professional Services to support and enhance the simulation experience and training.



SIMBOOST manages an extensive array of training programs using minimal resources:
• Training assignments according to different parameters
User Portal - a site for registration and other online activities
Command and control of the building's facilities.


SIMBOOST enables modifications for every client according to specific interests and needs, including off-line/online, fixed/mobile feedback mechanisms, support for a variety of AV measures and different levels of activities - from a single simulation room to a center hosting hundreds of cameras and microphones.


The system holds a registered patent for creating automatic debriefings.
In complex training that involves collecting significant data from several AV devices, the system creates a sequence of video clips, graphs, and data displayed in a manner best suited for the training goals and the trainees' accomplishments.

SIMBOOST The Product

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is a software that manages simulation training, collects data during the training, and performs video-based and goal-focused debriefings. The software supports the entire training process - from the planning stage, through the actual training, observing activities, feedback and debriefings, and the use of the training results for future learning purposes. In recent years, it has successfully trained thousands of participants.

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