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SIMBOOST for staff training

Defense, rescue, and emergency organizations conduct ongoing training. The SIMBOOST process integrates the continuous training and allows a quantum leap in planning the training, collecting the data, analyzing the results, and drawing conclusions from the training. Moreover, each trainee comes out with personal conclusions for improvement and further use.
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National Police Academy

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This is one of the most advanced police training centers in the world, established to coordinate the police training in a uniform and professional manner, bringing together under one roof over 20 police schools that were scattered throughout the country.
The Academy’s complex covers 230 dunams and includes many facilities including a training site, training facilities, shooting ranges and simulators, an animal facility, amphitheater, sports facilities and more. SIMBOOST is implemented in a large number of physical training areas across various policing disciplines. Berale established, installed and integrated the system in cooperation with the John Bryce company, which operates the facility for the Israel Police.
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IDF Training Center

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Also known as the Sharon Camp, this is the Israeli army’s military training center that was established with the goal of transferring various IDF training bases to one central base in the south, while upgrading the physical and technological infrastructure to improve the professional level of the IDF's combat support system.
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Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)

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The IDF trains its soldiers for their responsibilities in their units. On training bases, advanced training facilities are used to train fighters and to improve the professional level of soldiers and commanders as part of the operational readiness for combat.
The target population includes officers, combat soldiers, control system personnel, techno-logistics personnel, intelligence researchers, doctors, medics, and course commanders.